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Collectors Series | Box No. 11 - Winter

Sixteen50 Jewelry

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Collectors Series | Box No. 11 - Winter
Collectors Series | Box No. 11 - Winter
Collectors Series | Box No. 11 - Winter

You've come here. Now you want know: What is the Sixteen50° Collectors Series? 

FIRST, if you decide to subscribe to the Sixteen50° Collectors Series, every three months (January, April, July and October) I'll create for you and ship you a new piece of Sixteen50° hand-forged jewelry. While jewelry can for sure be timeless and we all have our go-to old reliables, sometimes it's just really exciting to get something new. You could say the Sixteen50° Collectors Series easily enables you every few months to embrace that vital sense of newness.

SECOND, the pieces of jewelry I create for the Sixteen50° Collectors Series will not be available for purchase outside of the Collectors Series subscriptions and, it's worth noting, each respective piece is only available for its limited three-month run. Often the Sixteen50° Collectors Series will deliver to you pieces that are incredibly difficult to make; so difficult that I would not want to make them on a regular basis in the same vein as the pieces available in the the Sixteen50° Shop. 

THIRD, the jewelry you receive from every Sixteen50° Collectors Series will always be valued at $102 at the very least, but often times, the jewelry you receive will be of greater value than $102. Knowing that a piece will be sold even before I create it enables me to spend more time, more resources and more creative energy into the hand-crafting of the piece. 

I say to long-time Sixteen50° customers, the Collectors Series is your best way to get up close and personal with my ambition. To become familiar with the extent of my creative curiosity. I love approaching every quarter of the Collectors Series with fresh new ideas and an undeniable sense of you and I journeying together along this unique creator-customer narrative. 

How it to Order

1. On this page, either select "One-time purchase" or "SUBSCRIBE". 

1a. The "One-time purchase" option sends you the current Sixteen50° Collectors Series piece. It charges you $102 once and that is it. 

1b. The "SUBSCRIBE" option sends you the current Sixteen50° Collectors Series piece and then continues to send you a new Sixteen50° Collectors Series piece every three months. You'll be charged $102 right now and then $102 every three months when a new piece is sent. At any point in time you can update your subscription using this link.

2. Once you make your selection, click the ADD TO CART button. 

3. A prompt will emerge from the right side. If everything looks correct, click the CHECKOUT button. 

4. You'll be taken to the CHECKOUT page. Fill out all the required information. Once you've completed your order, you should receive an email confirming your order. 

5. If you have any questions prior to ordering as well as after ordering, feel free to email me at I'll respond to your inquiry as soon as reasonably possible.