Sixteen50° Jewelry is Closed as of March 31, 2019 - Thank you for all of your support throughout the years <3 <3


“We are continually awed by the high level of handmade craft and design genius that Danielle of Sixteen50° brings to each individual piece of jewelry. Sustainable and beautiful, you pick up any piece and you know it’s going to be special.” — San Jose Made

“If you are having a bad day, put on a piece of jewelry made by Danielle and your day will improve dramatically because everyone will be complimenting you on your jewelry!”— Terra

“Can’t say enough good things about this artist Danielle and the quality of her beautiful work. i Love the special order earrings I purchased several months ago. Very cool looking! Even the mail order packaging is fun. I look forward to receiving my special order necklace later this month to complement my earrings.” — Lori

“Love this jewelry and designer!
I have numerous pieces- silver earrings, glass bead earrings, glass bead necklace and a couple of custom pieces.
I receive compliments each time I wear a Lucy and Mabel piece! Danielle is such a great gal to work with. I am excited to see what she has new in her shop each time that I visit! — and I will certainly be purchasing more!” — Leslie K.

“It was such a pleasure to meet the exquisitely beautiful Danielle!!! I adore my dangly red glass and SS earrings; already wearing them - such fun!” — Marium

“I love Sixteen50!

All of her pieces are beautiful. I especially love the fine silver handmade pieces. I have several of them and they are my go-to pieces with almost every style of clothing that I wear.

Danielle is great to work with. She is always so positive and flexible and goes out of her way to make sure her customers are totally happy.

I will definitely be buying more!!!” — Laura B.

“LOVE all of her pieces, especially the glass bubbles. Really unique and bold jewelry. Will definitely be buying more!” — Shauna K.

“My husband saw me eyeing up some necklaces of theirs and didn’t know which one I liked the most, so he bought both of them, thinking he’d let me choose at Xmas time. It was a hard choice! They were both gorgeous! I finally chose one and contacted them to send the other one back — [Danielle] responded super fast and made the return process painless! I love my necklace — It is made really well and has an awesome texture to it — I wear it every chance I get!” — Sabina F.

“Danielle’s jewelry is modern, unique, and technically impressive.
The pieces I purchased for my wife have an interesting way of appearing almost industrial or factory forged/aged but also beautiful and feminine at the same time. She loves them and wears them everywhere. She gets a lot of compliments on the bicycle chain-ring themed necklace and earrings. Her fellow bike enthusiast friends always want to know where they can get similar pieces.

She is also very fond of the blown-glass globe earrings I purchased for. They are subtle yet eye-catching; a quality that most jewelers struggle to accomplish.

Danielle is a pleasure to do business with. She is passionate about her art and about treating her customers well.” — Scott F.

“I love Sixteen50°! They provide personalized service and the designs are sooo unique! I’ve purchased the glass bead necklaces and earrings and get positive comments from strangers and friends every time I wear them. I purchased the copper stamped jewelry for gifts with rave reviews.They stand by their work and customizing is a breeze!” — Debbie