About Sixteen50°

Danielle Of Sixteen50°

My name is Danielle Kish. 
To make wearing a Sixteen50° piece a meaningful jewelry experience, I fully hand-forge each piece with a completist's sense of control. Ideas only evolve and emerge as real-life wearable objects after a rigorous and total examination. Is this design capable of visually moving people? Will the weight and texture feel profound at first touch? Can it be a true functional piece of jewelry: something worn for long durations without causing discomfort? Can it be made sustainably? Will the final piece evoke my story in a way that instills in the wearer the inspiration to express their own story?
Why all this? If I can do the heavy-lifting and heavy-thinking, hand-creating something that is a genuine article--legitimately handmade, legitimately sustainable, legitimately functional--then I am creating jewelry that frees the wearer of any worry or skepticism over what they're wearing--an important concept for me and I think for a lot of people these days. 
For instance, when I call my jewelry "sustainably made", I'm not stretching definitions. All of the precious metal clay I use is made from recycled material and significantly reduces waste from the entire process by being reusable. All of the other components I use for my jewelry--aside from a few of my chains--are made from recycled material. Not to mention, all of my packaging is reusable and recyclable. On top of all this, for the past eight years, I've worked for the environmental non-profit Ecology Action, pursuing bigger and better ways to achieve energy and water efficiency. So when I say my jewelry is sustainably made and when I say this is important to me, you need to know: This is who I am. 
And that is Sixteen50°. It's meaningfully handmade--truly made by hand--jewelry conceived and crafted to earn your trust by being truly and inimitably me: someone who cares about meaningful jewelry experiences and someone who cares about sustainability. Why all this? So it can free you, the wearer, to confidently and boldly take the jewelry and move it from your imagination to your expression and make it your own.